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ADD and Dyslexia

Ever feel like books are larger than life?

Ever feel like books are larger than life?

This past Thursday, my wife and I attended a Casting Crowns concert. Normally, I’m not one to thoroughly enjoy concerts, but this one was exceptional. I’m one of those 30 somethings that would rather listen to my genius playlist on my iPod instead of sitting through a three hour ordeal with ear plugs in my ears (I didn’t use the earplugs to save face with my wife). Don’t mistake my dislike for concerts as a criticism of the band that entertained us. They were fantastic, I’m just getting old.

During the school week, I sit through many parent meetings (e.g. Student Intervention Team, I.E.P. teams) and am often heart broken to see the pain on a mother and father’s face when all of their efforts seem to be in vain. Sometimes their frustration boils over and the school becomes the focus of their anger despite our best efforts. But, there is hope.

Sometimes, I find myself being short sighted and thinking that middle school is of the utmost importance. However, our students have so much more to grow physically and emotionally. The lead singer, Mark, gave another story to share with my distraught parents.

Mark grew up as struggling reader. He was diagnosed with Dyslexia and instead of coming to class with his books, chose to leave them elsewhere so he would not be called on to read (know any kids like that?). He was also diagnosed with ADD. He shared some great stories about his coping by making light of his disorders that I wouldn’t do justice sharing in this format.

Despite his disorders, Mark has not allowed his shortcomings to be the focus of his adulthood. He has focused on his, better than average, musical talent. The Freak Factor Blog provides many more samples of people not focusing on their weakness and being successful.

I look forward to sharing Mark’s strengths with parents as we provide hope and interventions for our struggling students. We must celebrate their uniqueness!


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