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My career has taken a crooked path.  It didn’t follow the traditional stint in a university and then steadily climb a traditional ladder of professional positions.  Instead, my crooked path has meandered through a career of experiences that have shaped me.  I know my career path hasn’t been one of traditional approaches, but it is my story to tell.

Fortunately, I am confident and proud of my story, but too many of the students that I encounter during the 180 days they spend with me don’t tell positive stories about themselves.  The power of negative words can be an anchor to their past.  The good news is that these limiting stories can be re-written.

I’m not saying that educators should use verbal kung fu to convince students that their past didn’t happen so that they can just push on, but to use words of kindness to re-tell a new story.  Experiences can be significant influencers, but new stories can be written to shape their future.  All of this can happen through relationships with caring adults at school.

Every student needs a champion.  We don’t need super powers, expensive gadgets, or more funding.  Use positive words and know that the words you are speaking are, potentially, changing the trajectory of a students life for the next five or six decades.  Rita Pierson says it best:

Rita Pierson:  Every Kid Needs a Champion



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